September 21, 2015

Asos Shirt

One of the colors in fashion this autumn is olive green. I searched my wardeobe and rekindled my affection for this Assos shirt.
It wasn't hard considering its special features.

And just as I was trying it on, an idea of a DIY project came to my mind.
I found these laying around

And sewed a couple of them on the collar corner

September 19, 2015

Queen Blouse Romanian by Dorin Negrău

Dorin Negrău participated at New York Fashion Week with his collection for Spring-Summer 2016.
This is my favorite

September 18, 2015

Back to shoes

New York Fashion Week is as glittering as ever, but these Michael Kors shoes made me stop and wonder for a while.

September 02, 2015

Envelope pillowcase with squirrel

My nephew needed a new pilowcase for his favourite pillow. I wanted him to have something special and the fact that I call him squirrel gave me an idea.
I drew a squirrel on a piece of paper.
Then, I cut a piece of white fabric and made use of a pencil, a window, some duck tape and the sun. I stuck the drawing to the window by using the duck tape, and the light of the sun helped copy the drawing on the fabric.
After coping the drawing, I started sewing by the line. I used only two colors, brown and blue.

I followed the steps in the following video in order to obtain an envelope pillowcase.
After sewing all the parts, as advised, I sewed on the front-side of the pillow the white cloth on which I embroidered the drawing of the squirrel.