August 18, 2017

DIY Off The Shoulder Dress

I had my mind set on a dress from this fabric for a while.
What you need:
- 1.5 m of fabric
- one of your dresses
- some pins and a safety pin
- a pair of scissors, 1.5 m of elastic

1. Place the dress over the fabric (folded into two) and cut accordingly, leaving about 2 cm for the hem.
2. Cut the fabric into two equal pieces. For the back part, make a deep cut.
3. Overlay the back part onto the front part, and secure the sides with pins. Make sure the right sides are facing each other.
4. Sew the parts.
5. Fold the top edge and sew it, making sure to leave enough space for the safety pin to fit in.
6. I wanted to give the dress an irregular end, so I sewed some pieces of fabric onto the front side and back side. But if you don't want to do that, just sew the low seam.

7. For the back side, I folded some fabric and made two strips in order to make a ribbon.
8. I sewed the strips onto the back side and sewed the low seam.
And here it is