September 21, 2019

Perfect Men's Shirt

You all know by now that I really enjoy reusing stuff. Well, recycling men's shirt seems just a good idea as any.
Here's my second project (the first one is here) involving a man's shirt.

What you'll need:
- a man's shirt, scissors, needle and thread, and patience

! You do not need a lot of sewing skills to do this makeover. Take your time and be kind to yourself. Ah, and reinvent. You'll be amazed with what you'll achieve.

1. The shirt (without the collar for I used it for something else).
2. The tools.
3. The stitch. Well, there are a lot of embroidery stitches out there. I chose something simple. But you can go wild, if you want!
4. As you already know, men's arms are bigger than women's. I sew the extra fabric of the sleeves inside-out.

5. I had to do something to the back of the shirt, and decided to make two tucks.

6. And voila: the perfect men's shirt for a woman.