September 09, 2018

DIY - Pendant

Who doesn't like jewelry?!
I've been thinking for a while to make my own. I started lightly, with pendants. Given that I have some beautiful fabrics laying around, not used, I thought about starting with that.
And what's more appropriate than emerald-green velvet?!
What you need for this project:
- fabric, scissors, needle and thread, and a string necklace you can buy from a mercer's shop

1. Since you sew it by hand, you don't need a lot of preparation beforehand. You can either search for inspiration and follow a certain pattern or you can let the fabric guide you while sewing it. For me, it was the latter.
2. This is how it looked like after I had done sewing it.
3. Using that matching thread, I made the hook for the pendant.
4. Ready to be worn.