December 16, 2013

Wear braid

Holidays are coming and besides outfits to wear at the Christmas party or at the New Year's Eve, your hair must look just as wonderful. A braid can go with pants or skirts or dresses. It gives you a bohemian look, which actually fits the season. The best thing about braid is that it goes with every face shape and it is quite easy to make. Needless to say that you might find yourself inventing a new way to wear it. So try twisting the braid however you consider best.
Let me show you one of my favorite ways to wear a braid.
Since I sweep my fringe on the right side, I decided to start braiding the hair on the left side. I gathered a strand of two fingers thick and I started making a simple braid. After finishing it, I twisted it on top of my head and then clipped the braid with a hairpin.

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