February 26, 2018

Argentinian Tango Dress

Do you have a simple dress and a few leftover pieces of fabric? Then I have the project for you!
What you'll need:
- scissors, measuring tape, needle and thread, and/ or sewing machine.

1. The dress and the fabric

2. Measure the width of the skirt, double the size and then cut the fabric (or leftovers) accordingly. You can either cut the measure you need in one piece or in two pieces (like I did).

3. In order to obtain a ruffle skirt, you'll need as much fabric as possible. That's why I used two separate pieces of fabric. 

4. For every edge, fold inside and sew. Like in the picture below.
5. After that, I pinned the two pieces to the dress, making sure to fold the fabric once every two centimetres. Start by pinning from back to the front side.
6. I sewed starting from the back and worked my way to the front. And here's my Argentinian Tango Dress.

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