April 06, 2019

DIY - Flare Jeans

I am tall. Well, rather tall. It's just that lately I have been trying on jeans that make me feel short. So, if you are dealing with the same issue, here's a tip for you.
Surely you have a thing going on now for flare jeans. They have been around enough to enchant us. Recently, I bought my own pair of flare jeans. They're great. I absolutely love them. It's just one thing. They are far too long. And since I know there are a lot of cleaning services in the city, I do not intend to get in a competition with them. And thus, decided upon making the pair of jeans shorter.

What I used:
- a pair of scissors, pins, and my sewing machine (but you can also sew them by hand if you like)

1. Since I really liked the fringed hem, and did not want to ruin it, I folded the fabric like in the picture below. I used pins.
2. After placing the pins, I tried them on (I advise you to try them with your shoes on - just to make sure that they are at your desired length). Then, I started sewing them.
3. I used blue thread, but you can use whatever you like. I made 2 seams in order for it to last longer, and I think it also looks nice.
4. Once the first leg was done, I did the same thing to the second one.
5. My flare jeans are now a proper fit.

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