September 02, 2015

Envelope pillowcase with squirrel

My nephew needed a new pilowcase for his favourite pillow. I wanted him to have something special and the fact that I call him squirrel gave me an idea.
I drew a squirrel on a piece of paper.
Then, I cut a piece of white fabric and made use of a pencil, a window, some duck tape and the sun. I stuck the drawing to the window by using the duck tape, and the light of the sun helped copy the drawing on the fabric.
After coping the drawing, I started sewing by the line. I used only two colors, brown and blue.

I followed the steps in the following video in order to obtain an envelope pillowcase.
After sewing all the parts, as advised, I sewed on the front-side of the pillow the white cloth on which I embroidered the drawing of the squirrel.

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