October 24, 2016

Rachel's skirt

Ever since I saw Jennifer Aniston wearing a particular black skirt in one of Friends episode, I decided to tailor one for myself.
To make one, you'll need:
- a black gusset pencil skirt
- 20 cm of red fabric
- red and black thread
- [optional] a sewing machine.
I found an old and large skirt.
I made adjustments in order for it to better fit me, but if you can find one that already suits you, no need for extra work.

The red fabric I was telling you about.

Measure the gusset and cut the red fabric accordingly. After cutting it, you can sew it by using the sewing machine. For me, it was easier to sew it by hand.

Tadaaaam! And there you go, you've got your own Rachel's skirt.

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