April 25, 2017

DIY Home Decoration

I'm into squirrels. You got that, right?!
I found this piece of wood laying around the house so I thought about giving it a touch of color.
Here's what you need in case you feel like playing the artist as well:
- a piece of wood
- acrylic paint, glue
- some stickers or cute things you'd like to use

1. I first cleaned the wood with a gentle cloth.
2. I gathered the stickers (in this case, candy package), the glue, the scissors and the acrylic paint.

3. I mixed violet, red and white paint and then painted the wood with it.
4. After I cut the edges of the package, I glued the squirrel and a green ribbon. In order for the plastic ribbon to stick better to the wood, I clued in-between a piece of paper.
5. Ta-daaa!

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