February 05, 2018

Dress Up!

An unexpected project came upon me a few days ago, when I discovered that one of my favourite dresses had been eaten up by moths. I was just about to throw it away, when I had an Evrika moment. I carefully inspected the dress and discovered that most of the damage was made to the skirt. And thus began my project.
Should you want to make the same project, here's what you need:
- scissors, needle and thread, 1, 5 m of fabric, pins, (optional) sewing machine

1. The Dress. As it was.
2. I cut the skirt part.
3. I used a skirt that fits me well and cut the fabric accordingly. Also, I left a 1,5 cm allowance for the hem.
4. I made some tucks in the skirt.

5. Then, I sewed the hems. If you have time and don't have a sewing machine, you can sew it by hand.
5. After that, I pinned the skirt to the upper part of the former dress.
6. Since I wanted to give the dress a royal spirit, I used some of the emerald green fabric leftovers.
For the upper part, I used the fabric to make a broach.

7. And placed some matching patches on the skirt.

8. I sewed the patches by hand and here is the the new dress.
The timing is perfect. I am going to wear it at my special soon-to-come event.

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