September 22, 2016

Pear time

I had this simple black dress that I wanted to make wacky.

What I used:
- sewing machine and some things laying around in my house, like yellow thread, green silk ribbon, fabric to make shoulder boards and some pear stickies.

Firstly, I used stitch number 22 from my sewing machine, and sewed the end sleeves and the hem line.

Then, I made the shoulder boards. You can make them as large as you want, but I would advise you to measure the shoulders and cut the fabric accordingly.

I sewed the margins, and there they are.

To match them with the stitch, I sewed them on the dress with yellow thread.

Then, I sewed the silk ribbon on the waist line.

Finally, I sewed the pears.

And it matches my pear jacket, too!

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