October 12, 2016

You too can make embroideries!

For some years now embroidery is in fashion, which explains the fact that the items of clothing with embroideries are more pricy. If you are in money shortage or just considering making your own embroidery, here are some tips from me.

1. Don't overthink it. Really, it’s easy! You do not need special skills to use the needle and thread.
2. Choose the item of clothing you want to embroider.
3. Decide which part of the item you want to embroider, and if you want your embroidery to have a certain shape. Tip: you can draw lines with a pencil and then sew over them.
4. I’m going to show you the easiest type of embroidery there is. Let’s take a simple T-shirt.
5. Find the thread you want to use. Tip: consider the color and thickness of the thread.
6. If you drew lines with a pencil, sew over them.

7. If you want your embroidery to be thicker, then continue by sewing over the lines you have already sewed and tie knots over them just like you see in the picture below.

8. Continue until you finish sewing (with or without the drawing on the item of clothing). 

9. Mine is a little abstract, but just for you to have an idea. 
10. After you have finished, iron the embroidery. Thus, the thread and the material are leveled and the embroidery looks better.  

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