November 25, 2016

Gifts, gifts

That time of year is approaching as you read these lines. A lot of gift recommendations around, which one to choose?!
Try making it personal. A personalized gift, actually.
Here is an easy one: a napkins holder.
For this DIY project you need the following:
- a simple wooden napkins holder (you can buy it from art supplies or hobby shops)
- acrylic paint
- a brush
- glue
- a piece of adornment (in this case, a flower)

Start by applying the acrylic paint. You can make the background as complex as you want.
I applied on both sides dots of white acrylic paint, and on one side I painted a white flower on a blue background.
I let it dry for ten minutes, and then, on the other side, I glued the adornment. Voila!
I told you it's easy.

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