December 06, 2016

DIY Turn a T-shirt into a dress

What if your favourite T-shirt could become a dress?! Here it is how you can do it.
You need:
- a T-shirt
- fabric for the skirt. You can use whatever fabric you want, 1 m is enough.
- thread, scissors and a sewing machine

Step 1 - the T-shirt and the fabric

Step 2 - Use an old skirt to take measures and cut the fabric accordingly in 2 parts.
Step 3 - Sew the hems of the upper part.

Step 4- Make some tucks for the front and the back. Pin them and then sew them by hand.

Step 5 - Pin the front part on the T-shirt and then sew it.

Step 6 - Pin and sew the back part.
Step 7 - Try the dress on and pin the side hems accordingly. Sew them.

And there you have it. Your T-shirt proudly turned into a dress.

I wanted side slits, but you can sew all the way down.

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