July 05, 2018

New kind of T-shirt in town

In search of a challenge? Well, here you go.
1. Grab a T-shirt. Here's mine.
2. Grab your spouse's/ boyfriend's old shirt. Here's his :).
3. Cut the sleeves.
4. Pin them tight to the sleeves of the T-shirt and either sew them by hand or by the sewing machine.

5. Do the same thing for the second sleeve.
6. Cut the end of the man's shirt.
7. Sew the hem.

8. Pin it to the end of your T-shirt and then sew it.
9. Because the man's sleeves are far larger for a woman's shirt, I decided not to cut them, but to sew them (by hand) and give them a Bohemian look.

10. The result.
11. And proudly worn by the owner.

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