May 19, 2018

DIY - Turn a skirt into a bag

There are no such things as useless items of clothing. I think you already know that by now. Since I hadn't been wearing this skirt for a while now, I decided to give it a make-over and turn it into a bag.
Here it is how it went.
1. The skirt.
2. Some scraps of fabric, laying around.
3. For the bag handles, I cut the fabric into two parts.
4. I folded them and sewed them by using the sewing machine.
5. There they are:
6. Since I wanted to use one of the embroidery stitches from my sewing machine, I did it before sewing on the handles.
7. Then, I folded on the inside the hem of the skirt, and sew it.
8. I pinned the handles to the skirt and sewed them.
9. Because the ends of the bag were too pointy, I sewed them by hand.

10. And the bag.
11. Mix and match.

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