August 09, 2019

Blue ink

Remember when you were kids and got all of your clothes covered in ink?
Well, I tell you, somehow issues like this still happen when you're adults.
Back then we were too young to come up with solutions, but now I am glad to have been offered the chance to fix an inky problem.

The blouse
What I used
- scissors, needle and thread, and a lot of buttons.

It's a rather easy job, since all you have to do is to figure out where to sew the buttons in order to cover the ink stains. You can go wild, there are absolutely no limitations to your sewing.

What I did
My main focus was to cover the big ink stains. There were also parts were the ink was faded and I did not cover them all.
I started by sewing the big buttons onto the big stains, and sewed the small buttons around them.
One button after the other, the stains were no longer visible, and now the blouse looks like this.

Hope you'll find this helpful and should you have an accident involving ink, don't throw your clothes away!

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