August 14, 2019

DIY Jewelry

You know I am a big fan of the handmade jewelry.
Here is my latest DIY jewelry project. Hope you'll get some inspiration from it!

What I used
- scissors, needle and thread, a piece of green velvet fabric, a button, and a chain
The pendant
I wanted to make a heart-shaped pendant, so I paid special attention when sewing the fabric. Also, you must consider the size of the fabric. The larger the piece of fabric, the larger the pendant. It's your choice.

Once the shape was obtained, I went further and sewed the button onto it.

And the end result of my DIY project:
I wanted to keep it simple and so I used thread as loop for the pendant, but you can use a metal loop if this suits you better.
This project was really fun and easy to make. You should really try making this piece of jewelry for yourself, or for your friends.

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