December 24, 2019

Sister Skirts

My mom came with the idea after she gave me this fabric, that I should make my sister and I some skirts from it.
Well, I must admit. This was not an ordinary project. One, because the fabric once belonged to my grandmother (so it has a lot of significance); and two, I did not take measures (for any of us, my sister or I).
Like mom used to say, you cut it and then you sew it. That somehow summs this project. But then, this does not make me any less proud to show you these skirts.
Here we go! If you want to make a similar project, then follow the steps below:

1. Select a skirt that fits you right and cut the fabric accordingly (but make sure to leave some seam allowance).
2. Cut fabric for both front and back of the skirt.
3. I let the backside rest, and start working on the frontside. Since we both love pockets, I cut two different pieces for each skirt.
4. Before sewing the pockets on the skirt, I sewed the seam.
5. For the waistline, I just cut some fabric considering the waist of the skirt.
6. Then, I sewed it onto the skirt.
7. I used some pins to fix the pockets, and then sewed by using an embroidery stitch on my machine.

8. There you go. The front parts are ready.
9. You can go and sew the waistline for the backside, following the steps for the front one. Then, pin the zipper to the front and sew it.
10. Once this is done, pin the backside to the zipper and sew it. After that, make sure to sew the seam according to how the skirt best fits you. Then, start working on the hem line. Put the pins and sew.

11. I did not want an ordinary hem line, but you can make it as you wish. Here they are, the two sister skirts.

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