June 27, 2020

Summer dress

There's no season like summer to have me craving for dresses. When I saw this fabric in the shop, I could not refrain from buying it and making myself a summer dress. Here's how it went.
What I used: fabric, scissors, needle and thread, sewing machine and a button.

Usually, I try and copy the dress cut of a particular dress, but this time I decided upon doing things differently.

1. I cut the fabric into two parts (for the back and front). I bought 1.5 m so there were plenty leftovers.
2. I sewed the seam for all the parts, except for the lower ones (I left the decision about how long the dress would be at the end).
3. Then, I pinned the front and back parts to each other (make sure you pin the fabric with the inside towards you, like in the picture below). I wanted a cowl cleavage for the dress and hence the pinning below.
4. Afterwards, I put the dress on and used the pins to mark for the seams.

5. For the front part, I sewed a button to match the fabric. And yes, I sewed it manually while I was wearing the dress.

6. I determined the length of the dress. I surely did not want a classic hem, so I made the front part smaller than the back.
7. The dress.

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