September 21, 2017

Current Obsession: The Chocker

I have enough left-overs from my projects to support my current obsession :).
Try looking in your boxes of buttons and fabrics. I am sure you can find something there that could easily be turned into a cute chocker. Here's something to inspire you!
Today, it's green velvet (yeah, such a surprise!) and beige suede.
Tip 1: elastic velvet is easier to use for chockers because you don't need to think about clasps.
Tip 2: buttons make fabulous pendants.

The Velvet Chocker
1. Make sure to have enough fabric.
2. Firstly, sew the vertical margins of the fabric. I used my sewing machine, but you could also sew it by hand.
3. Double the fabric orizontally. To be sure, use some pins. Then, sew accordingly.

4. Sew the chosen pendants right in the middle of the chocker.

5. Your velvet chocker is ready.

The Beige Suede Chocker
The fabric was not enough to encircle my neck, so I considered using the fabric as pendant. I just needed some ribbon.
1. I sewed the vertical margins of the fabric and cut two pieces of ribbon.
2. I sewed the two pieces on.
3. And here it is.

I surely hope you will find some inspiration in these chockers.

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