September 30, 2017

Ideas for Parties. Pampering your guests.

I recently attended a party. Since I wanted to get involved in the organization of it, I started browsing through the internet for fun party ideas. It dawned on me that the guests should also feel special. Here's what you can do if you want to pamper the female-guests at your party: do make bracelets!
What you need:
- silk ribbon, scissors, needle and thread, some adornments (you can use beads, buttons or pendants).
1. Cut as many pieces of the ribbon you need. Consider the length. Mine were a little larger than a regular bracelet for I wanted to tie them with a nice bow.
2. Prepare the needle and thread and sew the adornments on the ribbon. If you have more than one adornments, it's better if you sew them together and not in different stitches.

3. Tie a knot when you're done.
4. And you have you're own handmade bracelets for the party.

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