September 11, 2017

Facelifting to a Bag

Have you ever had a bag that was just perfect?! Well, I have.
And since the fabric started to deteriorate, my heart cringed at the thought of throwing it away. If you're experiencing the same issue, here's how to turn things around in favour of your bag.

 All you need is:
- some fabric (you can go ahead and cover all the bag like I did, or only cover some parts of it) and matching thread
- a pair of scissors
- (optional) a sewing machine
I had some fabric left from my last emerald project, so I decided to use it.
Since I had some already-cut fabric, I did the sewing in different stages. But if you have enough fabric to cover the entire part of the bag, don't shy away.

Advice: the inside must be dealt with at the beginning so that you are not left with raw sides.
Then, I went on with covering the top.

Since I wanted to give it a personal finish, I sewed by hand the back part.

And here it is, my emerald beautiful bag!

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